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Responsible for the environment and social


Our supplier of T-shirts and sweaters is GOTS certified. We think it is important that our products are made ‘fair’ so that the people who have worked on this product outside Europe have a living wage and can, for example, send their children to school.Not only the textile is certified but also the printing and that is quite special!


But what does that actually mean, GOTS certified?


GOTS stands for ‘Global Organic Textile Standard’. In short, GOTS certification includes:

  • Products must consist of at least 70% biological material.
  • Products never contain harmful chemicals found in conventional textile production.
  • Wages and working hours meet at least national legal requirements.
  • Working conditions must be safe (no discrimination, child labour, forced labour, physical abuse or other forms of harassment).
  • The entire chain, from the harvesting of the raw materials to the distribution, must be verified.
  • The details on the clothing, such as buttons, yarn and zippers and certainly also prints must meet the requirements of GOTS.
  • The facilities are physically inspected to ensure that the set standards are being met.
  • Audits are carried out by independent companies such as Control Union.
  • To know for sure whether a supplier is GOTS certified, you can check the GOTS website for name/certification code

Our supplier is registered here.


The prints of Zebrasaurus


Zebrasaurus products are printed in the Netherlands. The screen printing inks used for our artwork are water worn, they contain little to no solvents and are GOTS certified. As a result, hardly any harmful substances are released during and after the printing process. Both the inks and pressure emulsion contain no animal components and are therefore vegan.

The wear resistance of these water-based inks is completely the same as that of the environmentally harmful plastisol inks, which are used by the vast majority of textile printers. The plastisol inks contain PVC and plasticizers and are similar to liquid plastic. They are easier to process for the screen printer, but unfortunately cause a lot of damage to the environment. Not only because of the harmful substances in the inks themselves, but also because of the solvent-containing cleaning products with which the sieves have to be cleaned after printing.


‘Am I too small for you ? Pass me on!’


The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world after the oil industry, so we need to buy and consume more consciously.The label “Am I too small for you? Pass me on” encourages passing on this sustainable garment to another child. And who knows, maybe another one after that, because with the right care, clothes can last longer! Moreover, we do not only see clothing as something you put on, we see it as an extension of yourself and that can be taken care of!