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Leo Foundation t-shirt khaki adult met leeuw

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This ‘Oeh Lion’ t-shirt in khaki green is a special edition for the LEO Foundation. This cool t-shirt is available in adult sizes m, l, xl, xxl. T-shirt LEO Foundation (Adult) – Khaki is available for €38.50.

What does the LEO Foundation (Leo Foundation) do?

The Leo Foundation is committed to protecting large carnivores such as lions, leopards, hyenas, tigers and African wild dogs. It supports initiatives aimed at nature conservation as well as local communities involved in the protection of these animals.

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Project ‘The Lion Guards’

Leo Foundation trains and supports “Lion Guards” from 2013 in the last habitats for lions, hyenas and leopards in Central Africa. These Lion Guards are active in and around the national parks Waza NP, Bénoué NP, Faro NP and Bouba Ndjida NP in Cameroon. In the meantime, a project has also been started in and around Niokolo Koba NP in Senegal (West Africa).

These lion guards make weekly trips in and around the parks to follow tracks of lions and other large predators. With the knowledge they gain, they educate students and local villagers to raise awareness about the importance of lions and large carnivores. They also help villagers to (better) protect their livestock against attacks by predators without having to kill them.

Leo Foundation also advises local authorities on how they can contribute to better protect large carnivores. To continue this project, the lion guards need new materials such as GPS, backpacks, mobile phones, digital cameras and bicycles.

That's why Zebrasaurus donates 10% of the sales price of this t-shirt to the Leo Foundation. Spread the word!

LEO Foundation

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