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'My goal is to get a smile on a childs face'

Hi, I’m Mariyana – designer of Zebrasaurus. This is me with my son!

This picture shows me the ultimate summer feeling, in the hammock at the campsite in Spain… Camping is not something I got from my Armenian roots, but apparently as we get older we discover different sides of ourselves. Something that at first seems exciting or strange can transform into something that feels good beyond expectations.

This was also the case with the development of Zebrasaurus. My own children’s brand. Now still small, but it comes from myself. And not only beautiful on the outside but also ‘on the inside’.

The aim was to create a children’s line that appeals to children themselves. The t-shirts and sweaters should also be easy to combine with other items of clothing (I also like to mix new clothes with pre-used items).

The emphasis is also on quality and sustainability. I think it is important that products can last a long time, are authentic and are made in a safe & honest way.

That’s why I started looking for high-quality and organic T-shirts and environmentally friendly ways to have them printed. I think it is even more important that the people who manufacture them receive a decent wage, so that their children can also have a smile on their face. I have chosen GOTS certified suppliers, the most important organic (/sustainability) standard in the field of textiles. I hope to be able to contribute to a more sustainable textile industry.’Passing on’ is also part of sustainability. That’s why the label says: “Am I too small for you? Pass me on!”.

The garments ask for a second life, as it were, and then hopefully make another child happy.All prints are their own design.I try to have t-shirts, long sleeves and sweaters all year round.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Nice, I’d love to hear from you!

Love, Mariyana